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Workplace Safety Training
ETG provides an objective independent view
Workplace safety training programs are often mandatory.  Programs such
as Hazard Communication, Right-to-Know, Lift Truck, and Lockout/Tagout
are required in many workplaces given the exposures of materials and
events during a normal workday.  Many other courses are necessary based
on best management practice and the effort to educate employees to work
not only productively, but also safely.

It is important that trainers can train with real job experience.  With
experienced ETG field consultants as instructors, students gain a true
perspective of the work environment and issues being discussed from
individuals who have taken part in similar operations.

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Training is only effective if it helps organizations reduce losses through the
prevention of accidents and improved performance.  Training has a direct
impact on the bottom line.  Training must be given its just due in time
commitment, and equally important, in the quality of presentation.  There is
a return on investment (ROI) for all activities in the workplace, and training
certainly has a tremendous ROI.

Please contact us to set up an appointment or to have one of our
consultants contact you directly.

ETG has been performing workplace safety and health training since 1977,
and has trained thousands of workers.  We believe that our training has an
impact on clients safety performance.  Our training programs offer Expert
Instructors, useful Training Manuals utilizing current regulatory information,
and effective Audio/Video tools.  Training is conducted at our facilities or on
site at your business location.  ETG is also an expert in writing, developing,
and performing Site Safety Inspections, RCRA Audits, Safety meeting topics
and presentation to compliment your in-house Environmental Health &
Safety Department.