ETG performs New York State asbestos building inspections
for building owners, demolition contractors, and schools.  
We have several licensed inspectors on staff, and can
usually respond to a survey request within 1-2 days.

Types of surveys:

Pre-Demolition - A pre-demolition asbestos survey is required
prior to the partial or complete demolition of non-agricultural
buildings constructed prior to 1974.  These types of surveys are
regulated under
NYS Industrial Code Rule 56-1.9 and must be
conducted by licensed inspectors.   Most New York State
municipalities will not issue demolition permits without a proper
building demolition survey being conducted.

How a pre-demolition survey is conducted:
The licensed inspector(s) will:
  • Review building plans and records, if available.
  • Safely take samples of suspect materials.
  • Submit samples to an accredited laboratory for analysis.
  • Prepare a written report that shows quantities, locations, and
    condition of asbestos-containing materials in the building.

Materials typically sampled during a survey:
  • Surface treatments: fireproofing, acoustical plaster, and
    finish plasters.
  • Thermal system insulation: equipment insulation,  
    boiler/breaching/duct/tank insulation, and piping and fitting
    insulation, including aircell, millboard, preformed plaster, job
    molded plaster and fibrous glass.
  • Roofing and siding: felts, cementitious board (transite),
    flashing,  shingles, and galbestos.
  • Other materials: dust and debris, vinyl asbestos tile, ceiling
    tile,  gaskets/seals/sealants, vibration isolators, laboratory
    tables and hoods, cementitious board, fire curtains, fire
    blankets, and fire doors.

Operations & Maintenance - Building Owners who decide to
manage asbestos-containing materials in place must conduct a
building survey in order to identify the types, quantities, and
condition of asbestos-containing materials in the building or area of
concern.  Likewise, if a suspect material must be disturbed (to
repair an insulated steam pipe, for example), a building owner will
order the inspection of such suspect materials to determine if they
contain asbestos.  These precautions are necessary to protect the
health of workers, building occupants, and the general public.

Schools - Under the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act
(AHERA), private and public schools K-12 must have in place an
asbestos Operations and Maintenance Plan.  Re-inspection by a
licensed inspector is required every three years, in addition to a
number of other requirements.  
How much does a
pre-demolition survey
Survey costs vary
depending on the size of
the building and the
quantity of suspect
materials.  Larger
buildings require more
labor to take samples,
and subsequently incur
higher analytical costs.  
For example, a typical
1-2 family residence runs
about $1,200; a
commercial building will
cost about $2,000, and
the cost to survey a
larger industrial building
can run from $2,000 to
over $5,000.   

The cost to sample and
analyze a limited area,
for example one roof or
one pipe, is generally
much less.

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